All the Basics Twist Bundle

All the Basics Twist Bundle

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Such a solid choice. Bundle all the basic but essential M&K twists and save.

This includes five more neutral twist headbands from our Every M&K release, hand chosen by two very talented bloggers from Madison, WI. Check them out HERE.

Soft, stretchy, comfortable.

Twisted headbands take the work out of trying to style your headband. 

  • Versatile and convertible. They can be worn five different ways!
  • Comfortable. Made of soft, stretchy material for long, headache-free wear.
  • Stays put. Made from a soft polyester spandex blend that resists slipping against hair.
  • Handmade
  • Regular is 4in wide in the back and taper into a twist at the front.
  • Skinny is 3in wide in the back and tapers into a twist at the front.
  • Each purchase helps support patients and their families with cancer diagnoses in Wisconsin. 

*note that ear saver buttons cannot be added on infant sized headbands

For help choosing a headband see our "How to" tab. 



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