2 for $15 Surprise Grab Bag - Skinny Twist Headbands

2 for $15 Surprise Grab Bag - Skinny Twist Headbands

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Feeling lucky? I will surprise you with TWO skinny headbands of prints no longer listed on the website! It's your chance to snag prints you missed out on (or maybe haven't seen) at a discounted price - the catch is you don't know what you get until it arrives at your door. Maybe it's the opportunity you needed to branch out into trying different colors and patterns or maybe it's a chance to grab a gift for a friend who needs a smile.

Let me know if there is a color you prefer or want me to avoid and I will do my best to accommodate while supplies last!

*Note that there will be a variety in the materials of the headbands, so some may be thicker than others, though all will still be comfortable!* 

  • Made of soft, stretchy material for long, headache-free wear.
  • Handmade and 3in wide in the back and taper into a twist at the front.
  • Each purchase helps support patients and their families with cancer diagnoses in Wisconsin. 


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