How to Wear the Twist Headband

Don't Get it Twisted.

The Twist Headband is Happy Badger Headband's best seller for good reason. Not just because they're super soft and comfortable, but because they can be worn five different ways!

Here's how. 

The Original


Wear with the twist in the front and the widest part of the headband at the back. This is great for people who have fly-aways at the back of their head, or who are growing out their hair and need something to cover shorter layers and hold them in place. At it's widest, this headband is 4in. Plenty of area to keep things in place. The twist in the front adds interest so you don't have to wear a boring headband. It's the easiest way to look put together without spending much time in front of the mirror.  


This one isn't complicated. Just move the twist in the front a bit off to the side. Never miss the opportunity for the camera to get your good side.  


This is the ultimate way to wear your headband when you've got things to accomplish. It's a life saver for me when I'm working long shifts at the hospital, and I love it for working out and keeping sweat out of my eyes. Simply take the twist and put it at the back of your head. Wear the wide part in the front. Easy. 


Who says headbands are for wearing your hair up? Wearing your headband skinny is great for wearing your hair down! Start by putting the twist in the back and the widest part of the headband in the front. Next, fold the wide part in half. Check, done. 

Double Twist

Twisted in the front and the back. It's one of my favorite ways to wear The Twist Headband. All you need to do is start as you would if you were to wear it "Wide". Once you have the sewn twist in the back, and the wide part in the front, you're going to create another twist. To do this, take the headband on one side of your head and flip the underside up so the seam now faces out. You'll have created a twist.  Adjust and scrunch the material to hide the seam now facing upwards and you're all set!

The Twist Headband is the secret weapon of people who have things to do and places to be. Looking good has never been easier. 



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