Twist Headbands 101

Happy Badger Headbands makes super soft and comfortable headbands for everyday wear. But there is so much more to our headbands than how cute they look. So, we've created a quick overview of what you might want to know.

Why Wear a Headband? 

We find new reasons every day to wear a headband. It takes the time out of styling your hair, it keeps the flyaways tamed, it absorbs sweat during a workout, it makes day 2 (or 3 or 4) hair look incredible, and the patterns are super cute and stylish. Plus, they actually stay in (trust me) and provide headache free, all-day wear. 


How to Wear

Our twist headbands can be worn 5 different ways, with the "original" being the most common. They are the go-to for nurses, teachers, workout enthusiasts, moms, and everyone in between for a quick and comfortable style. Check out our more in-depth "How To" page HERE. Hair up, down, or however you like it.


Our top knots are an easy way to dress up a hairstyle, but also make a comfy hairstyle look more polished. It takes almost zero effort, as you don’t even have to perfect the messy bun.

How to Choose a Style

Regular, Skinny, Top Knot? How do I know what I want?!

The regular is the most popular and fits everyone. It's the best place to start if you're not sure. It is 4 inches wide in the back and gives a little more ear coverage. You can always scrunch it up in the back if you feel it is too wide.

The skinny came about because we partnered with a youth soccer league and with many athletes under 8, it seemed like it was worth making something a little thinner. Then we fell in love! It's been a huge hit ever since for customers of all ages. It's a great option for workouts, because it keeps the hair and sweat out of the face without feeling too hot. It's also a great option for those that find themselves constantly scrunching up the back of the regular twists.


The top knots are a perfect addition for those that prefer their hair down (though it's also super cute with any hairstyle), or gives an option to dress up a little.`


In our opinion, there's a time and place for each. Though we have lots of customers that swear by one style! So how do you know what's right for you? Try it! If you don't like it, let us know.

How to Choose A Print

Choosing a print that's just right is personal preference for sure, but we highly recommend some neutrals for every day wear and some more loud prints for the fun of it. Most people that start neutral get more comfortable in bold colors with time, and before they know it they can't resist any prints. So go ahead and dive right in. Your best bet is to choose whichever patterns you're drawn to!


Fabric weight can certainly come into play as well. We do have a scale built in to the descriptions for you of lighter (extra stretchy), medium weight (where almost of of our headbands fall), and heavy duty (a more snug fit). Regardless of fabric weight, each headband is super soft and made to be comfortable enough for all day wear. See our fabric scale HERE.

How to Match

Not only is it fun to match your headbands to your outfits, but coordinating with other accessories or other people makes it even better. Our favorite pictures are of mommy & me matching sets, but if you don't have a mini me (or fur baby or your best friend won't match you), just keep them all to yourself and coordinate with a scrunchie or a hair tie. Twist headbands come in adult, child, and infant sizes and our top knots are one size fits all (seriously). Plus theres, tons of matching accessories so there's a style for everyone.


Add a Bow

What can make a twist headband even better? A bow, of course! The bow is sold as an add-on, but then you get two headbands in one: a twist and a tie.


Do I Need Buttons?

With mask-wearing becoming more “normal” over the last couple of years, our ears have really taken a beating. We offer to sew on buttons to your twist headbands to help give your ears a break and look cute doing it.

This has been a life saver for nurses, dental hygienists, and those in occupations that require long days of mask wearing.

How to Care For a Twist

Sometime the twist gets a little twisted (see what we did there). To straighten that twist back out, grab opposite sides near the twist and pull diagonally away from the center. Then repeat on the other side. 

For general care, the fabric holds up best if you either don't wash it at all or wash it on a gentle cycle. That being said... if your twist is starting to feel a little stretched out, throw it in the wash with your clothes (yes, through a regular wash and dry cycle). It helps the fibers tighten back up a little and get that headband back to the perfect fit.

Why Happy Badger?

We can’t even count the number of customers that say that these are the first headbands that actually stayed on their heads and are comfortable ALL DAY. 

If that’s not enough reason, we give 10% back to cancer patients, their families, and their care team at a local hospital. We have donated thousands of dollars to the inpatient oncology, hematology, and bone marrow transplant unit at the UW Hospital here in Madison, WI and it is incredible to have a place to give back to that goes directly to the patients. Read our ABOUT US for more info.

How to Gift a Headband

Who doesn’t want the perfect headband as a gift? You can ship it directly to them, buy gifts in your own order, or buy a gift card so they can shop themselves.

One of our favorite ways to give a gift is actually the option to buy a headband (or a head wrap) for a local cancer patient. Not only does a portion of the sale go back to the hospital, but a cancer patient at the local hospital gets a soft, comfortable surprise from you! Check out the gift options HERE.



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