How to Wear the PomPom

The PomPom is Happy Badger Headband's first hair clip. They are an easy way to spruce up any hairdo, so be creative, but below are my favorite ways!

The Original


This is the easiest solution for kids on the go that don't have time for you to do their hair, but their hair needs to be held out of their face! Just slide it in and leave it - and it STAYS PUT, even on my crazy 1 year old who spends zero time sitting still. You can also tie the hair up first with a rubber band and then slide in the clip for additional stability, but that sometimes that requires a patient kid... so this is the best fix for a quick fix. It's the easiest way to tame the mane (or in my daughter's case, the comb over look) without spending much time fussing around!



This one isn't complicated. Just spruce up the ponytail with a clip right above the hair-tie. They're comfortable and stay in all day, and in my daughter's case, it matches the fluff of her tiny ponytail.



This is the my favorite way to wear your PomPoms! Pigtails are already adorable, but this just takes them over the top. Slide the clip in right above the hair-ties and TA-DA: cutest. pigtails. ever.

The PomPom is great for all ages to add an adorable and unique pop to any hairstyle. Looking good has never been easier. 



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