How to Choose a Headband

Happy Badger Headbands makes super soft and comfortable headbands for everyday wear. But deciding which headband to pick can be difficult!

So, we've created a scale to help you decide what your headband will fit and feel like once you have it in your hands.  

Light Weight

Headbands made with fabrics that are slightly lighter weight will feel a bit more stretchy and thinner. This is great for people who have very sensitive ears, or worry that their head is "larger than normal." 

Mid Weight

An "in between" choice. Not too heavy, not too light. It's probably just right for any Goldilocks. 


Heavy Weight


Headbands that are on the side of heavier weight feel a bit thicker. They have a secure, snug fit that feels like a gentle hug on your head. 

Your best bet is to choose whichever patterns you're drawn to! Regardless of fabric weight, each headband is super soft and made to be comfortable enough for all day wear. 

If you have any questions, you can always send a message right from the website. Or if you prefer you can e-mail and we'll help you pick out something perfect. 



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