Beck’s Story

We met Beck by chance, and what sweet serendipity it turned out to be!

About Beck

Beck is a local influencer, mostly for midwest beer (how can you not love that?!), and she won a giveaway through a partner of ours and fell in LOVE with the headband. 

We noticed she wore it in the majority of her newest posts, so we reached out to see if she needed more. She was of course hooked, and not just for the headbands, but for the opportunity to give back!


Why Alex's Lemonade Stand?

Grab the tissues... 
For those of you that haven't yet heard of this organization, it is a pediatric cancer charity focusing on raising funds to end childhood cancer. They also strive to raise awareness and support families and children with a cancer diagnosis.
Beck's friend Alex (not actually the Alex that started the lemonade stand) and her husband lost their beautiful daughter, Eleanor, to cancer at just 5 weeks old. She has poured into this foundation to help other families in similar situations in Eleanor's honor. Beck has chosen to dedicate her collection to this incredible cause and a portion of sales from this collection will go straight to the lemonade stand.

*If you know of someone else who deserves to select a print or collection, send and email and a short description of why to and we will be in touch!*



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