How to Wear Clips and Bow Ties

These smaller bows have so much versatility and gets Happy Badger Headbands pretty darn close to something for the entire family! 

Clip-On Bow Tie for Onesies


This is the most adorable addition to the already adorable onesies of your littlest beau. It clips right on the front so you don't have to strap anything around their neck. Plus, it is made with the same material as all of our twist headbands and bows, so it's just another way to coordinate with the family, or just jazz up a onesie.


Clip-On Bow Tie for Button Ups


This one isn't complicated and doesn't require you to clip a strap around your fussy toddler's neck. Just clip the bow tie right above or below the top button and you're all set for some snazzy pics without any hassle.

Clip-On T-Shirt Bow Tie


This is my three year olds favorite, because who doesn't want to dress up a monster truck t-shirt? There is a time and a place for everything and sometimes this guy just wants to wear a bow tie, so might as well give him the option!


Hair Clip


Of course this bow is also for a hair-do, because what bow doesn't look cute in a little girls hair? The alligator clip makes it an easy way to add a bow to any hairstyle, whether it is up or down. Be creative and look cute doing it.




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