Anna Kaye's Story

Anna Kaye is the first customer ever to choose and release her own Happy Badger Headbands collection! 

Anna has always been a fan of HBH and is very active on our social media page, so she stuck out to me (Justine). I felt compelled to reach out to her and it turns out she has quite an incredible story. I was drawn to her positivity through it all and her hashtag #anotherdayanotherheadband was just too perfect. After connecting with her more, I decided to have her pick a print for a headband, which then instead turned into a collection of three prints and an opportunity to share her story with all of you.

About Anna

Here’s a little about me and how I got connected to HBH. Not only am I a customer who loves the headbands, but I am currently undergoing treatment and oral chemotherapy and am sure to always bring at least one with me to my infusions, surgeries and many hospital days. When Justine reached out regarding picking a print, it came as a happy distraction from treatments and their many challenges as well as the craziness of being in school. Then in forming a relationship with Justine through the process, we decided on just doing an entire collection!           

Why November?

November is so significant to me and the perfect time to release this collection because it marks the anniversary of my mom’s passing to cancer while I continue to fight my own cancer without her. My mom strived to impact the lives of many simply by being kind in all she did and finding the joy in everyday life. The names of these headbands were all inspired by her and the things she was able to leave me with when our time together was cut shorter than we planned. I hope they bring you as much joy and happiness as they bring me and help you to continue to spread happiness/joy to others. 

*If you know of someone else who deserves to select a print or collection, send and email and a short description of why to and we will be in touch!*



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